Friday, December 28, 2012

Steinbeck, lost in tissue paper.

My mom called this morning and said she'd found my copy of East of Eden in a bag of tissue paper. I've been without my main reading material since Christmas, and have been quite lost without it. I was sure my grandma (accidentally) stole it and took it back to Columbus with her...sorry, grandma. Not that I think she wanted to read Steinbeck's masterpiece, but I gave a book to her for Christmas and assumed she'd picked up my book instead of her book to take back with her. I've marked key passages and pages, so it would have been a very devastating loss. Well, I suppose worse things could happen. 

Moving on....

A tea party--of very small proportions. 


Tube feed + pirate ship = happiness
What is Isaac eating? Banana, chicken, beans, cod liver oil, coconut milk, and chicken stock. Yum. 

Isaac was given a Hexbug for Christmas. It's some kind of battery operated bug-robot that initially sounded like a silly toy to me, but as it turns out, Isaac treats it like his special pet and gets really mad if anyone touches it. He never signs that he loves us, but did sign that he loves his bug. So there, not so silly after all.

Isaac, giving Isabella an apology hug for throwing something at her hand.

The next post will be all about Isabella's fairy garden!


  1. So glad you found your book. East of Eden is one of my all time favorites, I read it every couple years. Travels with Charlie is great as well, as are most of his other books (can you tell he's my favorite author?).

    Love the tea party, we've had many with my nieces & nephew. I remember loving them as a kid too.

  2. Thank goodness Steinbeck was found! He was trying to make a run for it!

  3. Your kids are so beautiful, Sierra! I love that picture of Isaac praying!!

  4. So glad you found your book!

    The kids got hex bugs for Christmas, too. Milo loves his, Charlotte is terrified of hers. I'll make sure Milo knows not to touch Isaac's if we're at your house :)

    Before I read the caption I was wondering what was in Isaac's tube feed. Minus the cod liver oil it doesn't sound too bad! Sortof tropical :)