About Me

Hi! My name is Sierra and this blog is a creative outlet for my writing and photography. I am a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children and one very photogenic dog named Stella. Isabella is five years old and Isaac is two and a half. They keep me busy but whenever I have down time I'm either writing or reading. My writing keeps me grounded and even in the midst of chaos it helps me stop and think about all of the good in our day. Some day I want Isaac and Isabella to enjoy reading this blog and see how much fun we had with them and all of the love they were given right from the start. Neither one of them has a baby book, so this is the closest thing to that and actually, I think this is even better.

Our son, Isaac, was born unexpectedly with special needs. He has a very rare chromosomal deletion which has caused many delays. I'll write more about that on a page devoted to sharing his story. In the meantime, I do share many of our experiences with him and what it is like being a mom to a child with special needs, on this blog.

I chose the title Picturing the Ordinary because (all of the other ones I wanted were taken) my life is nothing extraordinary and frankly I don't know why anyone other than family and close friends would want to read this blog. There are blogs that I like to read and I guess that's because they are inspiring to me; maybe mine will inspire you or make you laugh or you'll simply like the pictures!