Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hummingbird

Sarah and I were at our boot camp class on Monday and the crazy girl who dresses in black and has an extra spring in her shoes, turns out one of the guys in class calls her "the hummingbird". Yeah, so apparently Sarah and I aren't the only ones who think this girl needs an exercise chill pill. She was like a machine on Monday, I could barely stand to watch her and when I did, I just laughed. Then on Tuesday I went to Pilates and seriously, considering all of the squats we do, my butt and thighs should be as hard as steel. At the end of Pilates we always have a rest time for about three minutes. The instructor turns off the lights and turns on some sappy music like Celine Dion and we just lie there and let me tell you, it's always the best three minutes of my day. I don't know what it is, but those three minutes are amazing and I try to savor them with everything I've got because I could lie on that gym floor and listen to sappy music all day. Then we sit up, slowly of course, and fold our legs and bring our arms up and then slowly bring our arms back down in front of us and it's as if I'm pushing all of the bad or hard or exhausting part of my day out and leaving it there on that floor. It's the best. I love Tuesdays.

We spent yesterday at the park with Sarah, Maya and Charlotte. We always know when it's time to call it quits because the girls, meaning Maya and Isabella, start arguing and yelling at each other and then have multiple, rather dramatic, break downs. Until that point though, they are best friends. Oh, and Isabella insisted that I put six pony-tails in her hair.

Some pictures Sarah took while I rushed the girlies to the bathroom...

Later that night we decided to test the limit of Maya and Isabella's friendship even more and took them to the library playroom and then to get ice-cream...

Isabella and Maya marched into the ice-cream shop and before we knew it, they were ordering their own ice-cream. Now that's what I call being on the road to becoming strong, independent young women! That's what I like to see!

Maya's outfit enjoyed the ice-cream too.

On Monday, Isabella and I made blueberry-raspberry muffins and I had to take a picture of them because I never bake and was quite proud of how well they turned out. The berries were from my in-law's garden.

Do you like my awesome back splash? It's the latest trend...industrial-modern...I just made that up.

Today Stella went to the groomer, which was much needed. Unfortunately she layered my front seat in dog hair. She was quite excited about getting to go on a car ride and Isabella was quite excited for Stella to get bows in her hair. We had to ask the groomer to put bows in her hair because she didn't have them when we picked her up. A special surprise for today was that I got to see my friend Karen who moved to Michigan a few months ago. We met Karen and her sister Mary Ann and little Grace who is also three years old to play at the park. Unfortunately, we left with a bang after Isabella fell onto a picnic table bench and proceeded to throw up all over both of us. She's fine now, but it was quite scary. We rushed home to wash off the throw up and then rushed out to pick up Stella from the groomer.

Do you see my pretty red bow? Isabella picked it out for me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shap Up or Ship Out

That's what I told Isaac yesterday after he spent most of the day screaming. I'm pretty sure he's teething which is fabulous considering we have a whole mouth of teeth to deal with over the next two years. A couple days ago I was thinking how cute he is and all of that rosy stuff and then today a BIG GIANT ERASER removed all of those happy thoughts. Okay, no, I'm probably being a bit melodramatic but it was definitely frustrating. I took some super cute pictures of Isaac on Monday and kept thinking, "man, this little guy is starting to grow on me!" And I was happy because I really do think he's adorable and I love his smile. I'm not a baby person--go ahead and gasp, call me a horrible person, whatever, I don't care. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have children, at least not quite as soon as we decided to add to the population count. Of course you talk about those things before you get married, but I was really okay with not having kids. Walter thought three or four children was a good idea and I was like, you mean three or four dogs right, cuz I'm down with that!

Isaac has taught me a lot about who I am and about mothering. Maybe that's why he was meant to be--there aren't any more meant to be's so don't get any silly thoughts in your head. Because of him I know it's okay to get an epidural and that I don't have to think I'm horrible person because I don't like nursing him. I know that I have enough love for two children even though I was positive I would always love Isabella the most. I know that I can't compare Isaac and Isabella because already they are so different. I know it's okay to take time for myself. It's okay for Isaac to cry for a few minutes while I help Isabella or just help myself by taking a breather. I know pacifiers aren't evil and sleep will come eventually. I know I love to see Isabella loving Isaac and I love that Walter and I are finally starting to bond with him. And I know that's okay too--you're child is born a complete stranger to you and yes, you carried them for ten months, but connecting takes time and even if it takes four months, it's okay and it doesn't mean you don't love your baby. I know that if your baby is born with a problem, everything will be okay one way or another. I know that I love Heinen's for their healthy, prepared foods. I know the reality of high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses and I'm starting to understand all of it after asking every person I talk to at Aetna to explain it to me again and again. I know I'm strong. I know I don't care what other people think--really, I DON'T CARE and I used to care...A LOT so I know the difference. I know I love coffee (it didn't take Isaac for me to know that but I just wanted to reiterate). I know that I love Pilate's and yoga and lifting weights and a lot of other exercise stuff but I can't stand running. And last but not least, I know these longs days with pass and my children will grow older and a little part of me will miss when they were little, but I also know how much I look forward to them getting older and all of the fun things we will do together and all of the funny, challenging and special conversations we will have together.

So, here's my little man looking absolutely adorable. I'm pretty sure he's become accustomed to smiling when he sees the camera...

Sorry this is blurry, but I love the smile!

Walter and I kind of think Isaac looks like Boots from Dora...

Nooooo not on my tummy!

Man do I LOVE these blue eyes...

Last night I was putting Isabella to bed and we'd just finished praying and she said, "mommy, pray, Jesus help me be a mermaid." I said, how about you pray for that and sure enough she proceeded to say "Jesus, please help me be a beautiful mermaid."

Sunday evening Isabella and I walked to the park together before dinner.

She loves to climb the tree in our backyard...

A walk in the woods behind our house.

More crafts to kill time...

It's all about symmetry

Glitter Glue is my new favorite craft item...pretty cool!

  And why shouldn't Stella wear a headband?

And when Stella isn't wearing the headband...