Saturday, March 24, 2012


Oh dear, I am way behind on blog posts. I'm just stopping in to say hello...HELLO! We spent most of this week in Columbus and these pictures are for my cousin. Her little boy, Leo, just turned two and he is a ball of energy! Man, talk about a moving target! It was fun, and I worked up a sweat chasing him around the yard to get his picture. He's pretty darn cute. Bye!

I got him to sit still for about thirty seconds...(white back drop--he's about three to four feet away from the back of my grandma's house, in open shade. Perfect.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

mostly pictures...

A few things that are making me really happy right now: 

1. Every time I pick up Isaac, he wraps his arms around my neck for a hug. 
2. This amazing weather and watching my kids play outside. 
3. Watching Isaac crawl--makes me laugh every time. 
4. Isaac wanting a bowl of cereal with milk in the morning just like Isabella. I think he just thinks it's cool to have it in front of him. Now I just need to convince him it's cool to eat some! 

One of Isaac's favorite things to do is play the drums. I suggested to my mother in law that we change out the metal bowl for a plastic one (before this mama went ballistic)...she took the hint. Plastic is so much more peaceful. 

Craft time!

Isaac was very proud of his frog...

"Uh, mommy, we have a problem"...

I'm not sure how he managed to climb up there. When I'm around, he acts paralyzed and refuses to climb on anything. 

Isabella had her neighbor friend over and they raced around the woods for about half an hour. Lola is a couple years older than Isabella, but they play pretty well together. We ended up watching Lola until 11:00 p.m. because he dad had to go to the ER, anyway, when I asked her what her bedtime routine is like, she told me that she usually watches TV. Of course at that point, Isabella perked up and hopped out of her room and said, "Okay, I guess we need to watch TV!" You guessed wrong, chica!

Hello, green...

This is her, my mommy is so embarrassing always taking pictures when I have my friend over. I'm already losing my "cool" factor!

Isaac still thinks I'm the best thing that ever happened to him.

He's a bird watcher...