Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You need to take this seriously--it's red lipstick.

Congrats to the winner of a Tiny Bird Clutch! My friend Lori won, and we haven't seen each other in a long time, so it's a good excuse to get together.

Last night my sister came over after work and we prepped and primped for a Mad Men theme party. I'll admit, I stared at myself in the mirror a little too much. My sister was getting dressed and yelled over to the bathroom, "Okay, are you ready for the lipstick?" "Uh, is that what I'm supposed to be doing right now?" "I didn't realize you were still just staring at yourself in mirror." A little forgiveness here, I don't get dressed up, and I most certainly don't wear heels.

Obviously for a Mad Men party, we needed red lipstick. Jesse just so happens to be a lipstick pro. I just so happen to never wear lipstick. She gave detailed instructions, and repeated several times, that red lipstick is serious and I had to be very careful. And there's no laughing allowed. Right. I went to work, and asked her to check my progress: "What is wrong with you, did you forget where your lips are?" Maybe. She took over, and I tried really hard to pick a focal point (like in pilates or yoga) and concentrate (this was serious, after all) so that I wouldn't laugh. It kind of worked. In the end, I had red lips, and also managed to smudge red lipstick up by my eye, but it all worked out. And, this is where I tell you that I do not have a picture. I know, Sarah, you told me to take a picture, and I regret that I didn't.

This is also where I tell you that on the way to the party, I checked myself once again, in a mirror, and said, "I look really weird." "You don't look weird. You look good, you just aren't used to it." That's what sisters are for. Thanks for making me laugh, Jesse.   

My sister and I don't get to spend very much time together anymore, so it was great to hang out, get dressed up, look good for a change, or weird, I don't know, attempt to mix a Manhattan (so gross), and sample many desserts.


  1. I wear makeup a lot. I usually try to be subtle, but when I go all out, I still feel weird when I look at myself. Sorry I missed the party :( Must have been a blast from all I heard. Hopefully someone got a pick of you! (And I don't care Manhattan's either, I'm more of a wine or margarita girl!)

  2. Aw! I wish I could see a photo of this! I bet you looked amazing!!

  3. I think you should get all dolled up again just to get a picture ;) Glad you had fun!