Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I don't have much time, I'm writing this as I'm sitting on the beach sipping a margarita. I'm also wearing a bikini (to show off my six pack, obviously) and a floppy hat. Nah, just kidding. I wish! Oh, and there isn't a six pack to show off to anyone, just some stretch marks. Or, in Walter's kinder words, birth marks.

Today is my birthday. You guessed it, I'm 29 (I had to say that, just in case you didn't read the title). I'm twenty-nine, I have two kids, and I've been married for almost eight years. That is crazy. Talk about not wanting to waste time!

A few thoughts about this past year:

1. I used to be able to go the whole night without getting up to pee. After two kids, this is no longer possible.
2. I fail at baking. This isn't anything new, but I made banana bread a couple days ago and the kids helped, after it was done Isabella said, "I forgot to tell you that I just don't like banana bread anymore."
3. I love our house. It's nothing fancy, but I don't need fancy. It's the perfect house for us.
4. You know you have a good friend when you can yell across your house, "Hey Michael, can you jiggle the handle on the toilet a few times after you flush!" Yep.
5. I'm so thankful for Isabella, and I know she'll be an amazing young woman some day.
6. Coffee is not worth drinking without some good half and half. Don't you dare use fat-free half and half. First of all, it's bad for you (read the ingredient list) and secondly, it ruins the flavor of the coffee.
7. Gotta have some raw sugar with that cup of coffee.
8. When Walter makes repetitive noises or chews up a mint, it feels like worms are crawling across my brain.
9. Some people have the ability to talk all day long, without stopping. Example: Isabella
10. Some day I really want my own room. It must be sound-proof so that I can't hear what's going on outside, and it must have a lock. A claw-foot bathtub would be nice too.
11. I'm tired of listening to my husband snore.
12. Ever since I got my hair cut, I can't stand it. From now on, I'll have long hair. So if I ever ask you, "Should I cut my hair? Wouldn't it look cute short?" Say, "NO!"
13. I'm almost past the idea that sleeping in, or taking naps, is a waste of time. Since having Isaac, I've come to grips with the fact that I need sleep whenever I can get it.
14. I have the most amazing friends.
15. I can't crochet. But I can knit.
16. I appreciate that my friends still come to my book club, even though I'm rarely prepared.
17. My kids are really amazing little people, and they make me laugh.
18. I lose my patience more than I want to.
19. I love getting holiday toy catalogs in the mail.
20. I'm a really bad business person, and have no desire to run my own photography business. But I do like second shooting (check out some new blog posts here).
21. This year I resigned from being a La Leche League Leader. It was too much for me, but I still firmly believe in the mother-baby relationship and the importance of breastfeeding. I do wish that Isaac and I had had a better breastfeeding experience, especially since he was my last baby.
22. I am content knowing that we will not have anymore children. I just hope one of my friends has another baby because I wouldn't mind breathing in that new baby smell.
23. Music in the morning helps my kids get ready for the day.
24. I miss my grandpa. Today, I will listen to an old voice mail of my grandma and grandpa singing Happy Birthday, to me.
25. I'm going to write a book. I'm going to write a book. Walter doesn't believe me, but if I say it enough, it will happen. Or, if I write enough words it will happen.
26. I can't keep my car clean. It just isn't possible. If they ever start a television series called "Car Hoarders",  you can nominate me.
27. I'm getting better at returning books to the library on time. You know what I don't understand? Why are librarians so mean when I have a fine. I mean, for real, they should be glad I have a fine. Instead of being grumpy about it and acting like I'm a book criminal, they should say, "Oooohh, looks like you have a fine! Thank you for supporting our library! You're awesome!"
28. Bridesmaids should not, I repeat, should not wear strapless dresses. Ladies, do yourself a favor, keep everything in place and look better at the same time, in a dress with straps. Just my personal opinion. Unless of course you weren't blessed on top, and then you just might be able to get away with the strapless look.
29. As I told Walter the night before Thanksgiving, we are so blessed, and I realize that more each day.

Now, back to my imaginary margarita.


  1. <3

    You will definitely write a book.
    I could nominate both of us for car hoarders. 2 cities, 2 ridiculous cars, 2 best friends. I think we could have a whole series ;)
    Your kids are definitely amazing, and YOU are amazing. Happy birthday!!!

  2. Put me on the mailing list for your first book.