Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let it snow

The snow finally came down (and since writing this a few days ago, there is even more snow). Isabella acted as if she'd never seen a snowflake in her whole life, and excitedly pointed out every object covered in snow (or barely covered at first, and even then she would exclaim, "Look at all the snow!"). Walter took her sledding Saturday morning before I had to leave for a wedding, and then she played outside at least three more times. She is such a snow bunny. During the summer she acts as if the sun is melting her body, but when winter comes, she is one happy girl.

Why is it that I used to spend hours playing in the snow and now the mere thought of going out there makes me chilly? I've become a wimp.

Our Christmas was very merry, how about you? Isabella was full of excitement, and thanked us profusely for everything we gave to her. Anytime Isaac was asked if he wanted to open a present, he said a quick, "no". Once he had a chance to see the unwrapped gift he signed 'stuck', because of course, every toy was stuck in each box, many requiring brute force to open. I'm thinking the makers of those boxes and things to secure a toy in it's box took Toy Story a little too seriously. I mean really, the toy is not going to come alive and jump from it's cardboard jailhouse.

Isaac's refusal to touch gift wrap, meant that Isabella happily opened every single present.

Oh my, I can't even describe how excited the kids are to have daddy home so many days in a row. Isaac is even asking for 'da' instead of 'ma' during the day. This is a pleasant break for me.

Walter brought home a "coloring book", some stapled pieces of paper with extremely pixilated images of some of the aircraft his company makes stuff for (I can't say much more than that...they make stuff and I'm not really sure what they make). I told Walter that chances are, some angry co-op was told he had to get this done. Either way, when all was said and done, these were the most colorful Apache Helicopters ever seen.

Have I told you that Isaac loves Legos? He spends a fair amount of time simply looking at the instruction booklets. Then, when he gets to the pieces and parts page, he points out each piece that is part of his project. There's a genius locked away in there.

Tracking Santa. Just ignore the fact that Isaac is playing with a box of batteries.

Playing with one of his new pirate ships with Opa...

The pirate ship has replaced the DVD player for feedings. We'll see how long we can keep that up.

My grandpa's Leland -Detroit Monorail, made in the 1930s...

I uploaded my pictures and saw this one that my brother must have taken while we were visiting Walter's family. Yes, those are clumps of snow.

Walter let me sleep in this morning and has been tirelessly playing Legos with the kids. Isabella built the Lego Friends Heartland Stable almost entirely on her own, and enjoyed making cookies and having a tea party with Aunt Rosie. I hope you are also enjoying a relaxing day.


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  1. Your kids are awesome :) I love the potato head pictures. I also laughed that Isabella's presents to you guys were also from Lucy, lol. Glad you had a Merry Christmas!