Sunday, December 23, 2012


The year we were married, I couldn't imagine not waking up Christmas morning with my siblings, and walking down the stairs to see the tree and the presents, just as I'd always done. For that year and the next, we stayed overnight at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. Then we decided it was time to start our own family tradition, and create our own Christmas morning experience with Isabella, and now Isaac.

Something strange happens when you become an adult, and even more so when you have kids. I don't know about you, but I've started to remember things. Little flashbacks here and there about my childhood. Maybe the memories weren't as important to me before now, or I'm trying to recreate parts of my childhood for Isabella and Isaac. Either way, with Christmas quickly approaching, I'm looking forward to savoring moments, and faces full of excitement, and squeals of delight.

Some of my own winter memories:

My sister and I used to get so excited at the idea of my dad making a fire in the fireplace. Our job was to wad up sheets of newspaper (a very important task), and I'm pretty sure there was hot chocolate, or at least I hope there was because that would make this memory even better. Without a doubt though, there was a thermos of hot chocolate (prepared by my mom) that accompanied us when we went on our sledding adventures. My dad used to take us sledding at night, and we would sneak onto a golf course and trek through the snow in search of the perfect hill. It was always just the three of us, my sister, my dad, and me. We'd go down the hill a bunch of times, and then plunk down and sip hot chocolate.

Every Christmas morning we read a letter from Santa. He'd write about how much he enjoyed the cookies, and that Rudolf really loved the carrots. I eventually recognized my dad's handwriting as Santa's. I don't remember being crushed by that discovery (mom, correct me if I'm wrong). 

We're going to have so much fun with the kids this Christmas. In Walter's words, "Isaac pooped just in time for Christmas." Yes, our general family happiness is based on whether or not Isaac is constipated, so hooray, he spent an hour pooping at 4:30 this morning, so we should all be in good shape. I am rather tired today from being up with him most of the night, but I'm glad we are not in the hospital today. I thought for sure something must be wrong with his g-tube because all night he held his stomach saying, "ow, ow, ma, ow". And apparently I just missed the memo that he was constipated. Hmmm, how quickly this post went from family traditions to poop.

If I don't get a chance to write a post before Christmas, our family wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful time spent with family.


Sierra, Walter, Isabella, Isaac and Stella

p.s. Count this as your Christmas card from us.

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  1. Dear Sierra,

    Yes, there was always a lot of hot chocolate and a lot of laughs and snuggling together. You, dad and Jesse were a threesome always. Twizzlers, hot chocolate, The Three Stooges, sneaking onto a golf course at night for the best sledding!!

    So glad Isaac is cleared out for the holidays! Dad and I are enjoying making some holiday traditions with Isabella and Isaac too!

    Love to you,