Thursday, December 13, 2012

My tooth may be melting, what's up with you?

When you become a mom, people start reminding you that you need to take care of yourself. Then, when you have a child with special needs, they tell you that even more often than before. But by that point, you're already drowning in appointments and scheduling, that the mere idea of scheduling something for yourself seems like way too much work. And anyway, when I ask someone to watch my kids, I want to do something more fun than go to the doctor. Like, take a nap. 

I've been putting off a couple appointments for myself. I probably should go to the doctor and have this weird numbing sensation checked out that I get in various parts of my body. It's been happening for about five years, so what's the rush? Dr. Google diagnosed me, and it isn't pretty, so I'd prefer to just pretend it doesn't happen. But I did finally go to the dentist. It has been two years since my last dental appointment. Take it from me, don't wait that long. It was painful, and I don't consider myself a wimp when it comes to pain, so trust me on this. Apparently, I have a tooth that may or may not be melting from the inside out. Am I part of a science fiction film someone didn't tell me about? If so, please remove me from the cast of characters. Of course the dentist told me this, and then was all like, "yeah, we'll just keep an eye on it, and if it gets worse you'll need a root canal." Sure. No big deal. 

Math time with Tangrams. 

I was really excited to see that Isaac was actually trying to cover the pictures with some of the appropriate shapes. We try to quiz him with colors and shapes to see if he has an understanding of either. It's usually hit or miss. One day, I'll excitedly tell Walter that Isaac matched all of the colors and shapes correctly and the next day it's something like, so, you know when I told you that Isaac knows his shapes and colors? I'm gonna take that back. Either way, he's working on it. He doesn't have the verbal capacity to tell us if he knows shapes or colors, though we are trying to learn signs for colors.

At physical therapy this week, he took two steps while wearing his braces. He was bribed with bubbles and an iPad for those two steps. In case you're wondering, we don't have our iPad yet, but we are starting to use a picture communication system on the iPad at therapy.

So far, it's been another mild winter. I'm so glad Walter convinced me he should build this tree house. I often check on Isabella when she's outside and find her talking to herself at the very top. She has such an amazing imagination.

Thank you for reading my advocacy post. I've meant to say something on previous posts and forgot. I had double the hits on that post from what I normally get, so I do appreciate that so many of you read it, and possibly shared it with friends and family. I'm still quite new to the unexpected journey that we are on with Isaac, but my goal is to share with other parents that this special adventure has its challenges and hardships, but there are so many blessings along the way, and in the midst of it all, we learn how to fight for our children. So thank you, for reading, and sharing.


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  1. Sorry about your crazy tooth! I hope the melting stops.

    Isaac looks so big in the first stripey pants picture!

    I took a lesson from Isabella's book and sent the girls out to play in the backyard. After a considerable amount of complaining from Maya, they had a ton of fun. Thanks for the idea ;)