Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick post

I am so glad Isabella thinks "we're ready for Christmas" just because we have a tree set up. It's a good thing she doesn't have greater expectations for how our house should be decorated, because I fail in the decorating department. We did makes cookies (I'm pretty sure I ate the majority of them. I promise I won't make cookies for your Christmas present. I swear, people have issues with my baking!).

Unfortunately, this is the extent of my post. I haven't been sleeping well, and am having a hard time putting together a coherent thought. Thankfully, Walter will have two weeks off, and I am looking forward to family time, and getting lots of needed rest.

This little man hasn't been sleeping well either. I put him in his chair and then started the blender and he slept through the whole thing. The blends I make for Isaac are mixed on the soup setting, so it goes and goes for 90 seconds of extremely loud blending. He didn't budge.

Last night she was on an adventure, and here she was asking Stella to join her. I also noticed the squinkies were set up in very deliberate rows, and casually asked what was going on with them..."Oh, they're having a search party for Tinkerbell and another fairy." Clearly.

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  1. Yeah, Isabella wasn't impressed with your XMAS decorating. She blamed her dad, though.