Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hmmmm...I'm experiencing a brain freeze.

Yesterday, Isabella and Isaac spent most of the day arguing over a miniature pink duck. I know, ridiculous. I threatened numerous times to throw it in the trash. My experience with a Cabbage Patch doll didn't last long for this very same reason. My sister and I wouldn't stop arguing over it, so my dad threw it in the trash. That was the end of that.

Isabella brought her phonic's homework sheet to me last night and saw that she wrote: Isabella is 5. (And next to the picture of an apple): apoll ....so cute. She usually asks me if she spelled the word correctly, and I say, "You did a really good job sounding it out!" And then she says, "I knew it! I never get anything right! I'm never going to be able to spell!" She's too much like me; has to have it perfect the first time and then goes into a self deprecating spiel. So I'm glad she left it at apoll.

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  1. Yay Isabella!!! Apolls are definitely my favorite autumn fruit :)