Sunday, October 9, 2011

risky business...

It was Walter's idea to leave for Virginia Beach at 3:00 a.m. We managed to pull out of the driveway ten minutes after three and the plan was for both kids to sleep for several hours. Obviously, I was tired and and also quite grumpy, and I really don't like people to talk to me in the morning. If you have a child, and your child is anything like Isabella and wakes up talking, well, this is a problem. True to form, despite the time, Isabella started talking and singing, and if you don't like talking in the morning, trust me, singing is much, much worse. Her excitement to get to the beach preceded any need for sleep, so she sang songs about how we were going to the beach and she was going to have so much get the idea. Finally, after some convincing on our part, she fell asleep.

When she woke up she started talking about her pink Care Bear in her suitcase and how she couldn't wait to take it out of the car and put it in her new room. This is where Walter and I started to feeling about the size of a pea because, we didn't bring her little suitcase...oops. To make matters worse she talked about how Care Bear's daddy bear was also in the suitcase and they would have lots of fun together at the beach. And then she told us she packed a beautiful princess dress. As we were shrinking in our seats, we devised a plan not to tell her about the suitcase until we got to the beach, this way we could use the ocean as a distraction (and I didn't want to listen to her scream in the car). You're probably wondering why we were such horrible and inconsiderate parents not to bring her little suitcase that she specially packed on her own. I admit, bad choice, but our car is about the size of a go cart and we were trying to get away with not bringing the car top carrier.

No car top carrier also meant, no bouncy seat, no high chair, and no jogging stroller. The condo has a high chair, so we're okay in that department, and the Beco will work out just fine since we don't have the jogging stroller. That lovely pink bouncy seat that Isaac adores so much, big, big mistake. He doesn't sleep the whole night in the bouncy seat anymore, so I figured we would be fine. Well, after a night of about four hours of screaming and four hours of restless sleep, I went to Target today to buy a bouncy seat. Is a bouncy seat worth $60.00 though? I decide against it and tomorrow I'm going to try to find a children's consignment store for a cheaper one.

I knew a vacation with Isaac would be risky and that's why it took me so long to agree to a vacation with him. He slept almost the entire way here, so that's good, but since then, we've contemplated finding a new family for him, which probably wouldn't work out anyway because despite his amazing hair, he comes with a lot of bills. When Isaac is happy, he's really happy, and when he's mad, he's really mad. There isn't much in between. I told Walter that I should have just stayed home with Isaac and let he and Isabella take a vacation on their own. Hopefully it will get better.


Anybody watch Mad Men?


This morning I watched the sunrise again. I'd like to say that I was really excited about this and be able to write something mushy gushy about how amazing it was to watch the sun rise over the ocean. But I wasn't excited, because I wanted to sleep, and Isaac was crabby. So I can't say I appreciated the opportunity. Maybe another day.

Considering that Isaac refuses to let any part of his body touch grass, I was very surprised that he let me put him down in the sand. That worked out until I wasn't paying attention and the tide came up faster than I expected and he got wet.

We walked across the street to check out the bay--it turned out to be more of a swamp.

Isaac has had plenty of opportunities to sign "bird"...

"Oo Oo Ooooo"

Our condo is very nice and overlooks the ocean. The only problem is the lock on the front door. After about five minutes of trying to unlock the door, Walter and Isabella walked up from the beach and Walter thought I should practice unlocking the door. In my precarious mental state, that was a very dumb idea. I told him I can't possibly be the only person who looks crazy and possessed trying to open their condo door. I basically look like one of those people in the movies trying to kick in a door, but in this situation, it definitely does not work, but I've spent a lot of time trying.


  1. Lovely to see your beautiful children. And I love how authentic you are in this post, no candy coating, real life.

    Your story of getting up early to leave reminds me to so many of our trips when I was growing up. We'd all be stumbling around in the dark getting ready, us kids crabby because our parents always insisted that we dress up for traveling, and the last thing we wanted to wear on a plane ride was a scratchy wool skirt & sweater! No doubt our parents were feeling as you were, hoping we'd all be tired & groggy and not much trouble.

    As for not taking things on vacation to have room in the car - we've done that. And we too ended up buying some of the things on vacation we thought we wouldn't miss. This reminds us that perhaps we should get a bigger car next time we need one (and we don't even have kids!).

    I think for stay at home moms, going on vacation can be tough since basically you take your job with you and make it harder by taking the kids out of their normal routine and environment. Hope you're feeling better soon and can enjoy more fully your vacation.

  2. Hi Sierra, Your description of vacation so far sounds like many your dad and I took with you and Jesse. You wonder "why did I leave the house". Fortunately in 20 years the expeience will fade but so many of the moemnts will stick with you good and bad.

    Love to you and I hope you get some sleep.