Monday, October 10, 2011

Bath Time!

Thankfully, due to Walter's pile of pillows simulating a bouncy seat, all of us slept much better. And according to Walter, our door does not have an "unlock and lock, lock". That doesn't make any sense at all and whoever created that kind of lock has problems. 

Isaac loves taking a bath, although, he does look a bit skeptical in this first picture...

"Look Daddy! The camera!"

This week Isaac will turn eighteen months! He is now pulling to stand and sitting from standing on his own, if we hold his hands he can take some steps (but only if he feels like it), we've been spending a lot of time practicing climbing and how to use upper body strength and coordinate his legs for climbing, he is signing: bird, crash (his own made-up sign that we finally figured out), airplane, eat (even though he doesn't like to eat and doesn't voluntarily sign it, he definitely understands it), please, and he has absolutely the best sense of humor! He is unfortunately a television addict (don't judge), but hopefully some day soon he will eat without having to sit in front of the television. For now, we'll do what we can to get him to grow! He loves to play chase and adores Isabella. One of these days he'll say, "mama" (I just know he will!), but he did start to make the "b" sound, which is a wonderful addition to, "this". 

Good Night!

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  1. Those pictures are adorable!

    Happy 18 months, Isaac!