Thursday, October 13, 2011

let's go fly a kite!

We have a really fabulous dishwasher here at the condo. I've been hoping that Walter will see how well it cleans the dishes and then he'll agree to get a new one for our house. The only thing weird thing about the dishwasher here is that you can either choose, "normal wash" or "anti bacteria wash". I don't know about you, but I would like all of my washes to be bacteria free by the end. Just sayin'.

Isabella's favorite show is Angelina the Ballerina and we have a couple of Angelina books, so the other night I was reading one to her and I thought, how cool would it be if I used a British accent, just like Angelina!? I scored major mom points and Isabella couldn't stop laughing at me.

We're practically the only ones on the beach, which is awesome! We're staying about half an hour south of Virginia Beach, and I would definitely come back here, especially at this time of year. I don't like sand...why did we take a vacation to the beach then? I don't know, I've asked myself that very question. I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back for handling the sand very well. Walter's taken care of all the sand clean up, which is good because I don't want any part in that. Isaac tolerates being down at the beach for about twenty to thirty minutes, which is perfect, because I'm done at that point.

After I took these pictures, I was like, "what's the deal, why aren't my pictures sharp?" Answer: salty sea spray = dirty filter.

We visited the most amazing Children's Museum yesterday! The kids had a blast and there was hardly anyone else there, which is exactly the way I like to experience a museum. The less people the better!

Isaac can say, "ball"!!!

Isaac looks scared and it turns out my upper body strength sucks...

Right where she belongs...on the stage. If she isn't in drama club one day, I'll be shocked.

I like how Isaac and the lion have virtually the same expression...

A walk around historic Portsmouth...

Isabella demanded that we take a picture with the hotel as a backdrop...

This is what my dad would call, Museum Induced Narcolepsy. Does that happen to you? I swear they put something in the air because whenever I'm in a museum I'm ready to take a nap after about twenty minutes.

We ate lunch by the shipyard...

Off to torture, I mean, feed Isaac...


  1. Yay for another update! You are a better person than I ~ I do not do voices while reading stories. I think the kids secretly hate when I do bedtime stories instead of Michael because he is a much more interesting reader!

    I LOVE the picture of you and Isabella with the hotel backdrop ~ you guys look so much alike!

  2. I think you should conduct the next LLL meeting in a British accent. Maybe we could all use our British accents! Except Sarah. :o) I've learned the value of using accents for distraction / entertainment. I have a silly voice with a Southern accent that I use whenever I have to do something Benny doesn't like, such as wiping his noise, and it gets him laughing. I am amazed that he can already tell the difference between a normal voice and a silly voice.

    I love the pictures! Three cheers to you and Walter for deciding to take the plunge and vacation with little ones. Why is it so much easier to imagine (and fear!) everything that might go wrong rather than accept that a lot of things will go right, we will survive the things that go wrong (and probably have funny stories to tell later), and be treated to some wondrous surprises along the way?