Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Baby Story (not the TLC kind)...

I don't think there's anything more beautiful than the birthing process. The whole thing, start to finish, is amazing. For the entire pregnancy, it's the moment your body prepares for. It's the big crescendo, and one well worth waiting and working for. I been given the amazing gift of watching Sarah embrace Charlotte and now, Milo, for the first time. It's beautiful. Holding your baby for the first time, hearing the first cry. Nothing compares.

I used to think friends were dumb and that I could do without them. Oh how wrong was I. Isabella was about five months old when Sarah and I met. She said I didn't return her first email and so she emailed me again and finally I got back to her. It's probably because I was anti-social and afraid of having a friend.

With babies on laps, we had our first "date". And have pretty much been best friends ever since. We talk just about every day, sometimes multiple times. And if we don't talk, we text. We share everything from the ways our kids drive us crazy to the funny things they do and the things that make us love them more each day. I couldn't do this motherhood thing without her. I mean, I guess I could but I'm sure glad I don't have to!

She's been to every surgery and prayed for me and with me along the way. She's hugged me close when I've cried, encouraged me along this journey with Isaac, loved my children as I love them. She calls me when I'm depressed and she knows I may not call back right away, but she still calls. She sends a message before every appointment, to say she's thinking about us and hopes everything goes well. She's my cheerleader and my sounding board, but more than anything, she's a sister to me, an older sister I guess (only by a few months)!

The day after Milo was born I went over to Sarah's house and I told her how thankful I was that Milo was healthy and that his head was the most perfectly shaped baby head! These things mean a lot now. You never know what God has planned and though every baby is perfect and beautiful, I couldn't wait to see Milo and I prayed throughout her whole pregnancy that he would be healthy and that his head would perfect. Indeed, he is perfect and he even smiled at me two times last week!

This was Sarah's second home birth and I can't wait for the next one! So get busy Sarah (just kidding)! She makes having three kids look easy. And since I'm not planning on having anymore babies, I get my baby fix from Sarah--thanks! Oh, and she smiled during labor more than anyone else on earth...no one's that happy during labor. Once again, Sarah makes it look easy. She's the best!

Maya was my second shooter...

The birth attendees: Michael (of course), Maya, Charlotte, Isabella, Adrianne and Kieran, Jamie, Eden and her Isaac, my Isaac for a little bit, me, and Pam, the midwife (but Michael was totally prepared to deliver Milo on his own)...

She's about to go through transition, and she's smiling again. I love the look on Isabella's face...


  1. Great tribute post, Sierra! And amazing pictures! I <3 the stethoscope one!


  2. The picture of Pam lifting up Milo's head so I could look at him? Amazing. I could stare at it all day (and I made it my desktop background on my external screen, so I basically will!). Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, the beautiful words, and your amazing presence and support at Milo's birth.