Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nathan and Amanda

When Walter's cousin Nathan got married, I offered to take pictures for them at their reception since they only had a photographer for the ceremony. Most weddings end up experiencing some sort of snag and unfortunately for these two, they were both sick on their wedding day. When they arrived at the reception, I asked Amanda if the photographer had already taken pictures of just her. She hadn't, so I offered to take bridal portraits while Nathan and Walter drove back to the church to pick up a missing CD.

After Isabella was born, I told Walter that weddings should have a mother-daughter dance (I already have our song picked out). Hooray for Amanda for having a mother-daughter dance. It made me smile...


  1. Beautiful bride! You'd never know she was sick <3

  2. What a beautiful bride. I agree there should be a mother daughter dance! When Jesse or Josh gets married let's have one!

    Love to you and what a beautiful job!