Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my cowboy boots and an outhouse...

On Sunday we all needed a trip out of the house, and it was a beautiful day, so we decided to attempt a family picture. Isaac enjoyed the change of scenery and was the happiest he's been since the surgery. He's healing well and quickly, which is wonderful.

Eating at restaurant with two small children requires, patience, careful choosing when it comes to your meal choice, and what often happens in our situation, is one of us has to leave the restaurant and walk around with Isaac. Well, this totally worked to my benefit while we were on vacation because I was doing just that, walking around a store with Isaac while waiting for my turn to eat (if you don't have kids, that probably sounds really weird--just wait) when I happened upon my dream come true: a pair of dark red cowboy boots (bright red might be my real dream, but these will do). Do you want to know my dream vacation? Okay, I'm going to tell you. A week at a dude ranch. We're going to do it when the kids get older, and you'd better believe I'll have my cowboy boots with me (maybe I'll even get Walter to wear a pair--probably not). Anyway, I'm in love with my boots and they make me feel very tall and very cool. Although, my sister may have a different opinion since a couple years ago she told me, "Just because they sell them (cowboy boots) in the store, doesn't mean you should buy them." Deep down, she's just jealous.

We wanted to sit a little further away from the barn, but Isaac vetoed that idea.

He really liked when Walter and I were jumping up and down making silly faces...
(Isabella had a perfect smile for her preschool pictures and now I get this ridiculous one. I asked her why she doesn't smile nicely for my pictures and she told me that she only likes to smile when "other people make pictures.")

Walter's brilliant idea was to take a picture in front of the outhouse, and apparently, I didn't do it right because what he really wanted was more emphasis on the outhouse...hmmmm...

We'll probably try again for some better pictures, or maybe I'll have this professional photographer I just happen to know, take our family picture. 


  1. What is it with Kohn men and outhouses? For real! The pictures are so cute though! I love Isaac laughing in the first picture of him and Isabella.

  2. Love these pics! And I'm so glad you got your red boots :D If you want to do a mother-daughter matchy matchy thing, Isabella is welcome to borrow Maya's red cowGIRL boots :)