Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Pictures and my budding photographer...

Not much to say today. Just enjoying a lazy Saturday. I feel like we're trying to soak up every minute with Isaac before Tuesday. Of course he's been exceptionally cute so that's not very hard to do. Last night was a very sleepless night and then Isaac thought it would be fun to wake up at 4:15. Not cool Isaac, not cool. I have to admit, I'm pretty scared to be stuck in a hospital room with Isaac for five days. He and I spend a lot of time just walking back and forth down the length of our house so I just hope everything works out okay when we're in a tiny room. My playgroup friends surprised me with a hospital care package and a big sister care package for Isabella--my friends are amazing just absolutely amazing. Walter and I are so blessed with the outpouring of love, support and prayers from our friends and family. At our Bible study on Thursday, our friends surrounded us and prayed for Isaac. It was wonderful.

My mom spent Thursday with Isabella. Realistically I was supposed to be productive but instead I was determined to buy a stuffed animal for Isaac to have with him at the hospital. So we went shopping and then spent the rest of the day nursing and sitting on the couch playing with toys.

Enjoy the pictures of this week's photo shoot!

Yesterday I went to a friend's house and took pictures of her new baby Oscar...

Looking at his mommy.



As promised, here are some of the pictures Isabella took last week. Enjoy!

She likes to take self portraits

Sarah, running to the bathroom

"I wish I could just EAT Clifford!"

Daddy's spilled coffee


And for some reason, blogger is not letting me move this picture back to the others of Oscar.  

Have a good weekend!


  1. Beautiful baby pictures, love the ones of his feet! And Isabella is pretty artistic! :)

  2. I LOVE them all! They are so cute, you did such a great job!

  3. My Dear Sierra,

    You had a very productive day with Isaac. Productive is all in how you think about it. You found a stuff animal for Isaac and the two of you spent time together being with one another. That is a productive and successful day!

    Isabella and I went to Target and were there when you were there. She told me how to drive the entire way there. Continually questioning me on why we were going the direction we were going and all the time telling me it wasn't the way to my house. I know! We walked into Target and she immediately told me there was food at Target and she was hungry. We had "the best lunch she has ever had in her life". Chicken tenders and chocolate milk!

    The photos of Oscar made me cry. He is so sweet.

    I love Isabella's photos. Not bad!

    Love to you, be gentle and kind to yourself.