Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picking Apples and Homecoming

Middle of the night...

Walter: Is this your arm? Whose arm is this?
Me (coming out of a very deep sleep): What are you doing? Why do you keep touching my arm?
Walter: I'm just checking, is that your arm? Is it Isabella's arm?
Me: No, it's my arm, go to sleep!

Lots of weird things happen in the middle of the night at our house. Members of our house end up sleeping in random beds, Stella is caught throwing diapers around Isaac's room (this happened last week), I wake up hearing Isaac but can't remember where I put him last so I end up half asleep checking the swing, bouncy seat, couch, crib (but that's the most unlikely place), and Isabella almost always talks in her sleep.


We've started making apple picking an annual get-together with Walter's sisters and parents and so far we've had beautiful weather two years in a row. Unfortunately, Gisela had to miss out this year, she is still in Colorado helping Annemarie with her new baby Eva. So we all took lots of pictures so that she could see the fun we had together.

The night before apple picking, Isabella announced that this would be her outfit. Not exactly what I had in mind for apple picking, but the weather was nice so it didn't matter. Obviously she is attracted to color and patterns.

Walter and I like to take pictures of other people taking pictures (especially Rosie)...

While on the hay ride Walter commented on how happy Isaac was. My reply was, "of course he's happy--any time he is being jostled violently, he's happy."

Waiting for the hay ride...

A fist full of drool and hay...yum!

Massive amounts of drool that day.

Why pick apples when you can throw rocks?

My husband is an engineer...thankfully he does not engineer bikes or strollers.


My brother is a junior in high school and this year he went to Homecoming. In our usual family style we arrived as his personal entourage for support and photos. His date wore ridiculously high, high heels. Honestly, I don't know how she was able to walk. And if you know our family, you know we are short so my brother's date was quite a bit taller than him.

So that Josh could feel tall, we took some family photos...


  1. 2 posts in 2 days??? Awesome :) I was so excited when I checked your blog (or Facebook, actually). The pictures of Isaac sitting up with his hat on are awesome, and he looks like he was enjoying eating that pumpkin! I love your second family pic from apple picking, too :)

  2. Oh I forgot ~ the middle of the night conversation, and the comment about Isaac being jostled violently, both made me laugh out loud!

  3. I laughed outloud at your comment that Isaac was happy because he was being jostled violently. :) And I laughed outloud again at the picture of his drool covered shirt. hilarious. That apple orchard looked gorgeous - where is it?