Saturday, October 23, 2010

The week of the fairy dress...

Until I looked at my blog yesterday evening I didn't realize it's been a week since my last post...I'm sure all of my fans are just dying to know what we've been up to--ha ha! Plain and simple, we haven't been up to very much. This week we took advantage of some great weather (maybe a bit chilly some days) and went to the park...a lot.

Yesterday morning Isaac had an appointment with his plastic surgeon and then the Child Life Specialist took us on a tour of the hospital and PICU. It was a very long morning. And it was overwhelming and emotional. But only ten more days until the surgery and then it will all be over.

Isabella and I made bread this week. The buns turned out pretty well but my loaf of bread turned out too doughy. The day I told Isabella we were going to make more buns she said, "mommy, don't make a fire this time. You need to be careful!" Yeah, I forgot to share that the last time I made hamburger buns my dish towel caught on fire and thankfully what could have been a bad situation was not. Yet another real life example to my three year of what not to do. Kind of like when she and Walter were watching a squirrel play in a tree and then it ran across our street and was hit by car...lesson: don't run out in the street.

Isabella became fixated on wearing a fairy dress this week and yes, it had wings. I don't know how many times I heard, "Is that your Halloween costume?" NO, it was not her Halloween costume. Actually she doesn't even know what Halloween is because I'm one of those lame parents who thinks the whole thing is a waste. But, that doesn't mean she can't be a fairy any day of the week. At least it took her mind off of being a mermaid for a few days. And yes, she wore the dress for three days. I had to convince her was not a good idea to wear wings to sleep, it's bad enough trying to buckle your fairy into the car seat let alone having her wake up in the middle of the night because she smashed her wings. And something to add to my list of things I never thought I would say: "Isabella, there is no flying allowed in the library!"

Isabella, please stop running, you are not allowed to run in the library.
We're not running mommy, we're just flying!


Isaac must have thought I was really funny in this picture.


I'm only including the next picture so that you can see Isabella's amazing outfit...

Yes, she dresses herself. No, I do not think this goes together.

Come on Stella, give me a smile...

No really, give me a smile...

Ha ha!


  1. Yay! A new post! I love the pictures in your living room of both kiddos :) And the picture of Isaac against the window is great!

  2. Sierra, Let's face it we'd all like to wear a fairy dress with wings or a pink fluffy skirt! I'd love to wear a tierra (can I borrow that one you have) and a Cinderella dress. No not the tattered dress of Cinderella's but the beautiful fluffy dress! What could be better?!

    I love the photos of Isaac! He is really looking like a guy!

    Stella makes me laugh!