Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful weather...wasted...

If you live in Ohio, you know the gray days of a very long winter are quickly approaching. But this weekend, wow, the weather was perfect. It was sunny, and warm and breezy. We were able to enjoy most of Saturday and next time I'll post our apple picking pictures, but Saturday evening and Sunday were spent loading up on Motrin, tea, honey, and as much rest as we could manage with two kids. Thankfully I felt well enough to make chicken noodle soup after we got home from apple picking because that's what we ate all weekend. Do you want to know what's worse than being sick with one kid...being sick with two kids. And do you want to know what is worse than and your husband being sick at the same time...bad news. I don't wish that upon anyone. For the most part Isabella did a great job entertaining herself. I'm headed to the doctor this morning in hopes of getting antibiotics because it feels like my ear drums are going to explode and someone is clawing at my throat, oh and every other part of my body hurts too. And I have to talk really quiet because my throat hurts so bad, which only means that I have to repeat everything I say to Isabella ten more times than I usually do. 

Anyway, pity party over. Moving on to the post I started on Friday...

Three weeks away...

That's how long it is until Isaac's surgery, just three weeks. For a couple months I'd succeeded in spending very little time thinking about the surgery. Of course the thought was always lingering in the back of my head, but now it is obnoxiously front and center. It's so front and center that I can't escape thinking about it. And as the time approaches, I get more emotional, scared and anxious. I've already mentioned that it's taken us longer to bond and become attached to Isaac, but now that it's happened and now that he has this amazing personality (although challenging at times), I am having the hardest time coming to grips with the fact that he has to undergo this horribly intense and major surgery. And aside from the horribleness (I don't know if that's a word) of the surgery, I am going to be away from Isabella for possibly, five days. Thankfully we have family in town and some amazing friends who are more than willing to help.

After all of this is said and done, you'd better believe my baby will have the best shaped head on the planet! Well, maybe not, but it better be one heck of a good looking head.

The day we left for D.C. Isaac started saying "da da", not specifically referring to Walter, although he is quite the genius so I wouldn't put it past him. When he gets chatty he starts saying, "ya ya da da." And at the moment he has two teeth coming in so that's fun...or not. Oh, and his greatest talent is gargling his drool...totally cool and sounds hilarious when he's doing it.


If you have or have had a toddler, you know that every thing you say or move you make is questioned, analyzed, dissected and exhausted to the point of no return. The other day I had to tell Isabella to stop telling me what to do. Isn't that ironic? She just so happens to be the worst backseat driver...why are you going this way...I thought we were going home...why are you stopping...mommy, the light is green, you need to, we need to go the other way home...I don't want to go this way...and on and on. Sometimes I can't take it so I tell her it's time to listen to music. Not kid music by the way. If there's one thing that grates on my head in a really bad way, it's kid music. I guess my children can talk about that in therapy one mom never let me listen to the wheels on the bus.

Because I am admittedly a Gap-aholic, ddefinition of Gap-aholic: one who loves to shop at the Gap and is usually dressed head to toe in Gap clothes, I decided to enter Isabella in the Baby Gap Casting Call. I read the instructions and it stated that your child must wear Gap jeans in the picture. Here's the problem, Isabella refuses to wear jeans. But I was determined, so we made a trip to the Gap and found a pair that is basically like leggings, which after much exclamation from my mom and I about how amazing these jeans were, she was convinced that she loved them. I just want you to know that I only paid eight dollars for her jeans. My rule for shopping at the Gap: never buy anything at fully price, in a few weeks you'll be able to find what you want for more than half the price. The only exception here might be jeans because they really do last forever. I'm still wearing a pair from high school. Anyway, here are the unsuccessful pictures I got for the entry:

um...this one definitely won't work


Last Wednesday I went to the school where my friend Michelle teaches. The photo shoot went really well and I'm quite happy with the pictures. Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can't post any pictures. But I do have some pictures of Isabella enjoying herself.

I definitely admire what Michelle does day in a day out with the kids. I think it's a gift when people can work with children who have special needs. And I know for certain, that I do not have that gift.

And because I am directionally impaired, I got lost on the way home. It was quite easy to find the school and only took about twenty minutes to get there, so I'm not really sure why it was so hard to find my way home and took an hour. I did stumble upon this pretty view. Couldn't tell ya where it was and will probably never find it again. Thanks mom, for getting me home!

Later that day I decided to be amazing like my friend Sarah and make my own hamburger buns. I must admit, thanks to the America's Test Kitchen Cook Book, they were quite delicious...

And I leave you with a few more pictures including, Isabella's awesome hair do and outfit combination, her busted lip, Isabella dancing for Isaac and Isabella reading to Isaac...


  1. Once again, all your pictures are amazing :) Love the one of Is]abella reading toIsaac(osorry Carlotet is helping me ty8pe!!Y)

  2. Dear Sierra,

    I know so well how awful it is to be sick with two small children and than your husband being sick at the same time is like a half a dozen small children and a sick mom! Not pretty.

    I love the photos and I love your posts!

    I love that you gave your time to take the photos for Michelle and her school children. I am certain all of those parents will appreciate the photos.

    Last but not least we are all going to be here to help and support you, Butch and Isabella during Isaac's surgery and recovery. We've got your back and everything in between.

    Love Mom a.k.a. The Hampl Family GPS!

  3. I just wrote an entirely way too long comment which it identified as an error and erased the entire thing. So much for the past 10 wasted minutes :(