Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"These are up shoes mommy"

The last time my mom went to visit my grandparents she brought home a bag of stuff from my grandma. On Sunday, Isabella found this bag and also found three pairs of Disney princess shoes. Isabella's first dream to come true would be that of becoming a mermaid, but the second best thing is being a princess. You would not believe how much talking material these shoes have provided. I've heard about them non stop: mommy, which shoes should I wear, I like the Sleeping Beauty ones, maybe I should wear the gold ones, mommy these are shoes like Gar and Jesse wear!, I LOVE these shoes, mommy, do you like my shoes...and on and on. She also does a demonstration by moving up and down very slowly to show how the ones with heels make her go up but her crocs make her go down. Opa was out in his garden yesterday so she had to go over and show him the gold shoes and then came back later to put on the Sleeping Beauty shoes. Please note, she does not say, "these are shoes like mommy wears" because mommy tries to avoid heels at all cost. Actually when Isabella was shopping with Jesse and I, she saw a pair of Birkenstocks and said, "mommy, these are like your shoes!"

It always amazes me how Isabella can wake up and instantly start talking or immediately get dressed. The getting dressed right away thing kind of drives me crazy. I just don't get it. I like to hang out in my pajamas and if I'm not going anywhere, what's the point in getting dressed? Not so in Isabella's world. She needs good morning clothes (as she calls them) as soon as she walks out of her room. Today though she said, "mommy, is it okay if I just pretend my 'jamas are my good morning clothes?" Um, that's the best idea I've heard all week and basically, that's what I do every day with my own clothes.

In order to write this post I set Isabella up with some dry beans to play with. She loved it!

Isaac's adventure with solids...some banana and cheerios to play with. He definitely prefers chewing on the high chair tray. I think next time we'll sit him on phone book because he's so little! We don't spoon feed...if you want to read more about baby-led weaning check out this site.

 He has giant hands compared to the rest of his body...

Lo and behold, the princess shoes...

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon...

The next picture is so sweet it made me cry (but I'm a little emotional these days so it's okay if it doesn't make you cry!)...

It looks like Isabella is being nice to Isaac in the next picture but really she was about to throw leaves on him. And it just so happens that a bunch of leaves being rustled around and thrown at him makes him cry.

Playing hi-go seek (that's what Isabella calls it)...

And sometimes Stella just needs a bunny to snuggle with (no, I did not set this up)...


I found a great website that offers information and support for families with a child who has craniosynostosis. If you are reading this blog and have a baby with any form of craniosynostosis check out this link. Oh, and an FYI to anyone reading this amazing blog (ha ha) I will post pictures of Isaac after surgery. It has been tremendously helpful to me to see other kids' post-op pictures and I want to do the same for any other parents in this situation. Aside from that reason, this surgery is part of our life as a family and part of Isaac's story so I'm not going to shy away from the reality of this. It might be scary and I know he's not going to look like himself, but good or bad, these are our memories. And one more thing, I just want to say what amazing friends I have because they already set up a meal schedule for us, even though they really don't need to do that, I really really appreciate it!


  1. Isabella is too funny :) I really love all the pictures of Isaac in this post! Especially the first one after the black and whites of him and Walter (which are also adorable).

  2. Life is running full circle! Do you remember your black patent leather shoes with heels that clicked and had embroidered flowers on them? You wore them to pre-school and everywhere you went. Now you have shiny birkenstocks!

    Love the photos - Mom