Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going on a Gate...

Last night Walter and I went on a gate...otherwise known as a date but Isabella can't say the 'd'. My parents and Jesse watched Isabella and Isaac for us and we had a great time during our little escape from the kids. After a relaxing dinner, where I didn't have to hold Isaac which was super nice because he grabs for everything or I have to bounce my legs while I eat, so you know, it's nice to sit still every once in a while, we went to Best Buy (I know, totally romantic) and then went to a park. When we told Isabella that we went to a park she asked if we went on the slides...not quite.

Here are some pictures from our evening together...

Walter wanted me to take a picture of this little mossy cave.

We were amazed by the moss and how bright it was and soft and cushiony. We kind of wanted to just lie down on it and stay there all night.

Just before sunset, so the lighting was perfect.

My favorite

And later that night when we were back home and both kids were crying, we looked at each other and laughed because this is our reality. Of course we tried not talking about Isaac and Isabella while on our date, but really, our life at this stage, is about them. And for now, that's okay. We talked about what a sweet and delicate voice Isaac has and how I wish I had more time and energy to devote to Isabella; and we talked about how things are really hard and tiring right now with two kids, but it will get better and we're doing the best we can.


Isabella making faces...

Isaac playing...

I was chopping carrots for soup and gave him a chunk to chew on. I think we'll see some teeth soon...fingers crossed! (don't worry mom, he can't choke)

Walter's lego camera (he's taking pictures of Isabella being a lego princess)

I'm pretty sure one day Isaac will catch a bug in his mouth.

And, just so I can take my photography to the next level, we bought an external flash. Here are pictures featuring the Nikon SB-600...

If only I could train Stella to sit in front of Isaac all day--he finds her captivating.


This month I'll have my first "real" photoshoot. My friend teaches at a school for children with autism and because most photographers don't have the time or patience to take school photos of the students, she's asked if I will do it. At first I was hesitant because by no means do I consider myself a professional, but I'm looking forward to the experience and to meeting the kids in her class who are mostly all Isabella's age. The plan is to spend a morning with the kids while they go about their activities and I will try to capture some candid moments, which is my favorite way to photograph, and then we'll try to get posed pictures too. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Wow! First of all, I love the picture of you and Walter <3 I think those are my favorite kind of pictures to take :) Also, totally know now what you mean about the black and white pictures being light ~ they look fantastic! And the pictures with the flash look so awesome. Would never have known you used a flash!

  2. You'll have 2 photoshoots with my homecoming!