Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunch, Hats and Isaac's Stats...

Yesterday Isaac, Isabella and I met my mom and sister for lunch at Panera. Isaac was taking such a long nap that I actually woke him because it was already 1:00 p.m. and Isabella was getting antsy to leave the house. When I went in to wake him up I kissed him on the forehead and with his eyes still closed, he smiled. It was so sweet. We had a great lunch and lots of fun talking and catching up. My sister is studying for the GRE and also searching for a job. I always thought I would go back to school for my masters and then doctorate but honestly, now that I see what the GRE is made of, I'm not so sure. I'm not a test taker. I actually totally suck when it comes to taking tests. My brain freezes and anything I thought I knew totally disappears. Did you know you can't use a calculator? Madness, that's what I call that. Jesse shared with us that she is going to interview for a job in Wisconsin...WISCONSIN! Of course I'm excited for her because it sounds like a really great job and a fabulous opportunity, but you'd better believe I started crying right there in Panera because the thought of her leaving...well, I just can't write about it anymore because I'm starting to tear up. I hope you get the job though Jess. You'd better believe I'll be saving my pennies to fly out to Wisconsin on a regular basis!

After lunch Isabella requested that we walk over to the consignment store. I think she likes going there just because they have toys to play with. Since Isaac was born I have made it my personal mission to find the perfect hat for him and I'm pretty sure he has more hats that most babies. A few months ago I started collecting hats for him to wear after his surgery and continue to be on the look out for anything cute and comfortable. At the consignment store we took advantage of the poor guy and laughed hysterically as we tried on many many hats:

Jesse really wanted me to buy the next hat but it was way too small--and I'm pretty sure some day Isaac will thank me for not buying it!

Isabella want to try on a hat too...

Here are some pictures I have left over from last week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Isaac's Six Month Stats:
Weight: 12 pounds 2 ounces (I know, he's HUGE!)
Height: 23 3/4 inches
Status: Little, but perfectly fabulous!


  1. The hats are hilarious, lol :) The first one is the best, I think. I hope you bought it ;) Love Isabella in the straw hat, too!

    Also, I totally agree ~ Isaac is perfectly fabulous :)

  2. Hi, there! How are you?
    I wonder: when will you post?
    Another week? Boo!

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