Saturday, November 3, 2012

Story-time adventures...

As I crawled into bed...
"I hope you have the heat set high enough that the pipes won't freeze."
"Well, that all depends on the temperature that pipes freeze."
"Below 40." According to a quick search, your home should be at 50 degrees or higher. 
"Oh, don't worry then! I keep it at 58 at night! And Babe, just so you know, as a special treat just for you, I turned up the heat to 68 before you came home from work. We don't want your little toes to get cold!"

As you all know, Isaac has taken off and is walking everywhere! I love it, and he's doing so well. He even tries running and jumping, which makes me laugh every time. He's starting to feel like one of the big kids, which I think is helping him make progress in areas where we felt stuck for a long time. Our goal for walking, was age three. So we are still in that, "oh my goodness you just walked into the office and found me!" stage. It's a lot of fun.

With Isaac's therapy schedule, we miss out on regular story-time for him, so last month I decided to take the kids to an evening story-time offered by Isabella's preschool director. After we walked in and the kids started playing, and parents were sharing their child's ages and stages, I quickly started to feel a little down. There were three other two and a half year old boys, and those situations are hard for me. The differences become more apparent, and my instinct is to just grab my child and go so that I don't have to see how behind we are. I wanted to leave, and I probably would have if Isabella wasn't already engrossed in a craft and Isaac was already attached to train table.

I'm so glad we stayed, because Isaac amazed me. He did every hand motion; he stood up and took part in the dancing and pretending; he listened to every story. It was the best night I've had in a long time. I watched him follow along with the other kids, and couldn't stop the tears from coming. The pictures in this post are from story-time at the same place, but during the day. Once again, he did a great job, and I am so proud of him.

His job was to hold a hat for one the songs they acted out...

Kindergarten is going well. Some days are good, other days I want to drop her off at the nearest elementary school. Here we are doing a science experiment with water, oil, and food coloring.

Watching and waiting...

I love when we come home from the library with a pile of books, and they sit down and go through all of them.

Lately, my house has looked like that scene in Toy Story 3, where the daycare class runs into the room and the toys basically explode everywhere. Except, in my house, there are only two kids. This is an example of very purposeful toy distribution. A parking lot. And if anyone dared to touch it, well, then we had a very angry five year old on our hands.

We love reading any book by Mo Willems. Walter doesn't understand why we think they're so funny. Truth be told, we just have a better sense of humor. Blarggie! Blarggie! 

With the new furniture, we have new house rules. One of those rules is: NO DOGS ALLOWED on the furniture! Stella acts very pathetic, and saunters off to our room when we tell her she isn't allowed on the couch. Then I find her there in the middle of the night. Bad dog!

It took me close to an hour to put together this Lego airplane. Isaac sat and intently watched the entire time.

Making music for our dance party.

And lastly, some cute kids I know...

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  1. Those kids *are* cute! So photogenic ;)

    I love hearing about Isaac at story time...he's doing really amazing things!

    I have also noticed (like you said) that walking is making him feel like one of the big kids. Seeing him and Charlotte play the other day was so sweet <3

    Stella in sunglasses made me laugh :)