Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Part 2 of The Mouse and the Raven

As promised, Part 2 of The Mouse and the Raven:

Mouse and Raven were spending a summer afternoon under an oak tree. Raven was acting particularly aloof despite Mouse's attempts at engaging him in conversation. Mouse kept in mind Raven's tendency to be capricious, so he waited patiently for his mood to change.

Suddenly, Raven blatantly stated his wish to become the vanguard of a movement against the Robins. Those cute little Robins drove him crazy. They had a tendency to believe their children were especially precocious and bragged on and on about their early flight skills.

Mouse could easily concur that the Robins were in fact, annoying. They were also adamant that the animal community watch their effortless take offs and landings.

Initially, the Raven chose to sit on a higher branch and make sporadic loud noises. This didn't bother the Robins in the least. In fact, they found it negligible.

Meanwhile, Mouse felt it was obligatory that he have a discussion with the Robins. After all, the Raven was his friend, and if you recall, Mouse was a very congenial creature.

The End.

Just so you know, Walter totally made fun of me for having my note cards strewn out across the dining room table.

Blogger isn't uploading my pictures in a semi-speedy fashion, so I give up. Next time, pictures and updates about the kids. I know that's what you're more interested in.


  1. lol will there be a part 3??? :) I think it's awesome that you're doing this.

    1. Hi Sierra,

      I love that you have pulled out the note cards and are helping me work on my vocabulary!

      I hope you don't ask all of us to diagram the sentences!