Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can I get an "Amen"!

I'm almost too excited to write! Isaac just tasted some yogurt and didn't scream! This is seriously amazing, you have no idea. Unless your child has oral aversions and is fed through a tube, you have no idea.

Yesterday I was letting Isabella play with flour and dough and at this stage, pretty much whatever Isabella is doing, Isaac has to do too. Unless of course, it involves eating. So Isaac yelled and pointed and grunted, until I pulled another chair over to the counter so that he could stand there too. I put flour in front of him and showed him how he could swirl it around, etc., doubting that he would actually touch it. Lo and behold, he played it! And even reached out to play with the dough.

Then at dinner, he surprised us and went all out playing with rice and a spoon and had a blast catapulting rice all over the table and floor. And this is where Isaac becomes Stella's best friend. The virtual vacuum happily assumed her role.

At Isaac's feeding therapy last week, I asked him therapist if we could kick it up a notch. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that we were at lunch with a twelve month old last week and she was chowing down on chicken. All day I thought, really Isaac, can you at least touch some food? Add to that, I'm becoming quite comfortable with the ease of tube feeding, and that scares me. Well anyway, his therapist assured me that Isaac is right where he should be. And I am really excited that my twenty-one month old was playing with food like a six month old last night, because in that developmental category, he's been at a four month old level.

Hello, beautiful loaf of bread...

This is Isaac's new "scrunchy face"...

His favorite part of eating is cleaning up...

In our house, playing with food is allowed. Actually, it's encouraged. Unless your name is Isabella

Many people have been curious about the "mini button". Here it is.

For a feeding we attach an extension set, which I usually only detach for bath time because Isaac can't stand when we fuss with the tube.

"Isabella, why are you sitting on the container of eggs?"
"The mommy hen told me I have to sit here and keep her eggs warm."

I tried to be creative with this next shot. It didn't really work out.

Yesterday, we took advantage of this very unusual winter weather, and went exploring...

This lady has the right idea...

From One Thousand Gifts:

"Wherever you are, be all there" is only possible in the posture of eucharisteo. I want to slow down and taste life, give thanks, and see God. 

There are four appointments scratched on the calendar this week and two evening meeting slotted and all six kids have swimming lesson and there are piano recitals and exams looming at week's end and...and...and days flood torrential--but full attention slows the current. Don't I always have a choice to be fully attentive? Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus. Eucharisteo, eucharisteo. That keeps the focus simple--sacred.

[end quote]

31. people who make me laugh
32. Isaac touching food
33. a sunny day in January
34. exploring with Isabella
35. Isabella's jokes (which definitely are not funny, but that's what makes them funny)
36. Isaac's PT
37. when Walter says he likes my hair
38. Isaac's scrunchy face
39. Isaac, Isabella and Stella playing together
40. Stella and Isabella chasing each other in the back yard
41. playing catch with Isaac
42. my afternoon coffee/reading hour
43. Isaac making the 'm' sound which means one of these days he'll say, "mama"
44. bath time
45. blue eyes
46. Isabella's preschool
47. the way Isaac cracks himself up (my sister says I crack myself up, so we're alike in that way)
48. kneading warm dough
49. Isaac crawling
50. Isaac laughing so hard he actually gets some color in his face
51. Isaac trying to climb in Isabella's lap (and Isabella letting him)
52. reading a good book--one that makes me think
53. Isabella picking out her own clothes
54. providing a healthy meal for my family
55. the click of the shutter
56. board games
57. my husband as my best friend


  1. so happy that isaac ate yogurt!! also...that loaf of bread looked amazingly perfect!!

  2. Yay!!!!! Go Isaac!!!!!

    Your outside pictures are beautiful :)

  3. A miracle that brings brings tears of joy!