Sunday, January 1, 2012

and now some words...

Did you really think I could have an end of year post with just pictures?

 Last year, my goal was to become a professional photographer...check. This year my goal is to become a ballerina and I've already started my training with the Dance With Me Angelina the Ballerina Game. It's intense. I'll probably attain my goal in watching many more episodes of Angelina the Ballerina. 

As for the photography stuff. I will soon be an official employee (actually, the only employee) of Andrew Jordan Photography. Pretty cool, right?

Many people have hoped for us that we have an easier 2012. I hope it's easier too, but in all honesty, a lot of good stuff happened in 2011.

Isabella started preschool
We finally got Isaac's diagnosis and are no longer just treating symptoms
We have a plan for Isaac and all of his therapies are in place
I've established a fabulous medical team for Isaac
"Team Isaac" held strong for three surgeries
I shot two of my own weddings and six or seven with Andrew (I can't remember the number)
I upgraded my camera and lenses
I learned to shoot on a D3 (not my camera...Andrew's...pretty amazing though)
Thanks to Andrew, I went to photography seminar by Jerry Ghionis
Isaac learned to stand
Isaac learned to sit straighter
Isabella started ballet
I paid for a cleaning lady to come a couple times (with my own money...yep, I'm proud)
I read some amazing books
Enjoyed the friendship of incredibly amazing women
Had an overnight date with Walter (no kids, and yeah, it was at our house, but who cares)
Isaac had one unsuccessful and one successful sleep study
Isaac had three successful surgeries
Isaac is now 100% tube fed and we no longer struggle to get 'x' amount of ounces in him each day
Isaac is signing more and making more sound approximations
Isabella started going to bed at a reasonable time and on her own
We found that Isaac loves to paint
Isabella and I made a pumpkin pie
Isabella and I were at Milo's birth
My amazing playgroup friends (they make me teary) listened to my complete and utterly raw breakdown after we found out Isaac diagnosis
I've met some amazing moms on the 9pminus Facebook Network
We took a great family vacation
I joined Facebook (livin' on the edge)
Isaac allowed water on his lips without instantly screaming

I'm sure I'm missing a million things, but it was a good year. A hard year. A sad year. An exhausting year. But a good year. And yes, I do hope this next year is easier and holds less surgeries. So far, there's only one on the schedule.

Isaac has a little crush on Angelina...

At 19 months he learned how to roll over. At 20 months he learned how to crawl!

Turns out Sequence Letters is a lot harder than the adult version. I had to think a little too much.

Check it out...

This week, he let go and stood on his own! Every time he does it he laughs and I cheer a little too loudly. I think next time I'll shut up because then he'll be able to concentrate and stand a little longer.

Walter took last week off from work, so I've been incredibly spoiled with the extra amount of rest I enjoyed over the past week. Tuesday morning will be a harsh wake up call but it will be nice to get back to our routine, or whatever little routine we actually have.

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