Monday, March 11, 2013

Bad Dog

Walter: We really need to re-train our dog not to go near our food.
Me: Did we ever do that?

Walter is holding a grudge against Stella. He'd waited, impatiently, for his order of girl scout cookies, and finally they came. As it turns out, Isabella had a cookie and couldn't get the plastic tray back in the box, and "didn't want to ask for help" so she set it on the bottom shelf of the pantry...guess who ate almost a whole box of Samoas when the pantry door was open...Stella. Who can blame her? She's a dog, she has urges. It's okay, Stella, I understand that you couldn't control yourself.

Isabella: Did we bring my peanut butter and honey sandwich in case I get hungry.
Me: Yes, I brought your sandwich. You need to know, anytime anyone in this family says "we", it means Mommy.
Isabella: So, anytime we say "we", it means you?
Me: Yes, every time. It doesn't matter who says it.

Things that are regularly said in the plural tense that shouldn't be: Did we bring water? Did we figure out what we're having for dinner (breakfast, lunch, any snack in-between)? Did we bring diapers? Did we give the kids a bath recently? Me, myself, and I...we make a good team.

We (okay, now I actually mean all of us) spent most of the weekend outside, soaking up the beautiful weather. Saturday at the park wasn't fun for Isaac. He was constipated, so he either stood angry and holding his hair (as pictured), or Walter held him.

Saturday night, he pooped in his sleep. This is his new skill, which seems a bit disturbing, but also requires a fair amount of talent (I think). Let's just say, he was much happier on our second trip to the park.  

My mom, while looking at the iPad: These are all of the pictures they've taken with the iPad?
Me: Yeah, Isaac takes a billion pictures of his hair. It's a little ridiculous...Wait, what, oh my goodness, let me see that!

And that my friends, is when I saw that Isabella had been snapping shots of me, trying on bras in the fitting room at Nordstrom. Let me just give you some advice, don't let your kids have a device with a camera when you just so happen to be half naked. That is definitely worse than the scenario last year, when she announced at Nordstrom, that her mommy was "getting new nurshes". Obviously she doesn't understand that anyone getting getting "new nurshes" would not opt for ones as small as mine.

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  1. Seriously, do you really think it is possible to train Stella to stay away from food? Only with repeated applications of very strong electrical current.