Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An apple a day...

I've turned on the heat three times already, and it isn't even October. Every day though, I open the window in the house because I know that soon enough, we'll hunker down for cold and snow, and I'll wish for the days of open windows. 

Isaac wasn't too pleased with apple picking.

Isabella, once again, avoiding having her picture taken and instead, thrusting an apple in her place...

Isaac has three words: "this" (most popular word), "da da" (totally not fair considering I'm the one who does everything for him--no, I'm not jealous at all), and "duh" (which means, dog, duck, and pretty much any other animal that walks the earth). He was very happy to see the "duh's"...

I love this boy. He started giving hugs last week and I treasure each one.

This girl, keeps me on my toes. When I asked her why she doesn't paint when she's at school, her response was that she didn't want to wear the smock, because it makes her look ugly. I'm afraid they don't have very fashionable paint smocks at school. And I have no idea where she heard the word, ugly. 

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  1. Love it :) I am also trying to soak up these last days of nice weather and have resisted turning on the heat so far. My favorite picture is the one of Isabella with the apple!