Monday, December 30, 2013


We have entered our second, and last, week of our school break. I cannot even tell you how tempted I am to take a month-long break from school. Alas, we are planning to get back to work next Monday...or Tuesday...we'll see. Without the pressure of school work, Isabella and I have regained some of the fun in our relationship that I'd lamented had been sucked dry and lost in an abyss. To be completely honest, I like her more. And she probably likes me more, too. And yes, this whole thing has made me think about just dropping her off at the local elementary school next week, but I'm not going to because I am committed to what I feel is the best education for her and the schedule that is best for our family as a whole. Homeschooling is not really just about the child receiving the education, in our house it is about our whole family--if that makes sense...sorry, I don't feel like explaining right now. I'm kind of in an anti-writing phase. 

(Just do me a favor and ignore the fact that every black and white process looks different.)

Christmas this year was wonderful, and relaxing, and full of joy as we watched Isaac move through each day and what would normally be a challenging group situation, with confidence. There was rarely a melt-down, and aside from his usual afternoon nap, we never had to leave a family gathering just because of his sensory overload. This was a tremendous change from previous years where I would end up at home, alone with Isaac who could not longer handle a social activity.

Isaac and Isabella had a blast playing with their cousins.

Praying before opening gifts Christmas morning...

So, just a heads up, you know you've been watching too much Nikita when, as your daughter is shooting the wall with a Nerf gun you say, "Isabella, make sure you keep your eyes open so you can see your target. You can't shoot with your eyes closed." Personally, I think that's good advice, but my family did make fun of me for several minutes after making that comment.

If you happen to need a new bracelet, tell Isabella, she'll whip one up right away. Personally, I'm attempting (faux) Rainbow Loom greatness and am trying to make the Starburst bracelet. I failed the first time which made Isabella cry, "You mean you didn't do it right? You messed up?" Yo chica, I have never claimed bracelet making perfection. I'll get it next time.

We had a lovely adults-only dinner with my family (thanks to my mother-in-law for watching the kids!). I already miss my sister so much. Thank goodness for Isaac's iPad and the chance to facetime.

New Year's Resolutions...I'm not really a fan, but we came up with a couple. Walter's resolution is to exercise less. This may prove challenging, actually. I think he would have to commit to taking fewer steps each day to make this an achievable goal. My resolution is to floss more, though I really wouldn't mind following Walter's lead and choose to floss less, instead.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



  1. I'm glad to hear some of the fun is back in your relationship with Isabella. Maybe this break is just what you both needed to be able to take on the rest of 1st grade! It's not an easy task but I think you are doing a fantastic job, and Isabella is a lucky kid to have a mom so dedicated to doing what is best for her.
    I hardly recognize Isabella in the second picture with the rainbow loom! She looks so grown up with her hair down.

  2. I love hearing how many amazing gains Isaac has been making this year! I cannot believe how grown up Isabella is already. You and Walter truly have a beautiful family! I am thankful for the time we were able to spend together while I was in Ohio. Have a fantastic new year!
    - 'Miss' Carolyn

  3. Barbara aka Mom aka GarJanuary 1, 2014 at 9:51 PM

    Dear Sierra,

    We loved spending time with Isabella and Isaac opening gifts and having them here at the house with you, Butch, Jesse, Josh, Dad and I. We thank Giesla and Walt for our adult dinner out before Jesse left for Texas! What a gift all of you are, we love you all and enjoy our time together.

    Isaac's speech is amazing! Isabella is such a combination of the three of you, Jesse and Josh! She is so smart, funny, is wonderful with Isaac and reads so well. What a wonderful holiday!

    Love to you,