Thursday, June 23, 2011

cutest baby award...

This has been a long week. This is Isabella's first year at VBS and I think it's been a wake-up call for what the fall will be like with the start of preschool. A wake-up call that I don't really appreciate. We're pretty set in our morning routine and we like to take that routine at a very slow pace: wake up, Isabella always gets dressed right away, have cereal, make coffee and then I read or edit pictures while Isabella watches a show. So waking up and getting everyone ready (including me) and out the door isn't very fun. The photography team has been fun though. Despite the masses of loud, excitedly screaming children (which I try to mentally block out) it's gone well and I've learned a lot. Learning is sometimes depressing though. It makes you realize what you're doing wrong and that can be a bit discouraging but I'm trying to roll with it and grow in my skills. 

Last weekend Isaac and I were hanging out together at Starbucks and since there are so few of them, I decided to a couple pictures of the two of us...

He doesn't pull himself up or really like to stand at all, but we're trying to get him used to using his feet. He's usually not happy about it. We'll get there. He can't scoot forever! Oh, but he has learned how to scoot with no hands. That's impressive.

"Isabella, what do you want for your birthday?" 
"A noodle (for the pool), a floatie, and batteries for my camera."

Easy enough, right? She was having a great time taking pictures until the next day when the camera died. 

Watching the monkeys at the zoo...

Cool looking sky and clouds...

Jesse surprised Isabella with a leotard, tutu, wings, headband, and clip on flower. As you can imagine, she was one happy girl!

Last week I took pictures of a friend's baby and like I said in my previous post, he was seriously the cutest baby I've photographed. 


I told Laura she didn't have to drug him before I came over...

43. a week of no doctor appointments (this is the first one in six months!)
44. Isaac bouncing up and down while we read books
45. reading a good book
46. letting my brain become mush while watching the Bachelorette (it gets especially mushy this time because Ashley is pretty dumb and needs to stop thinking about Bentley)


  1. LOVE those pics! So sweet! And you're #46 rings true over here as well. I tried counting the amount of times she said "Bentley", after 20 I just gave up;)

  2. Um, the pictures of you and Isaac and of Isaac by himself from Starbuck's are AMAZING. Some of my favorites you have ever taken.

    Also? Um, that baby is seriously adorable. I love all of his extra skin, making him look all cute and pug-like. <3 The green blanket with the blue wall? Perfection. I can't wait for my baby to be here so you can take pictures of him!!!

    Of course Isabella is quite adorable, too, in her new birthday outfit from Aunt Jesse :)