Monday, April 4, 2011

pants, make-up, and my ballerina....

This morning when I put my pants on Isabella looked at them and said, "I don't like those pants." Um, okay. Do you want to know what my mom did when we told her we didn't like a pair of pants she wore (and they really were ugly, I promise)? She came to pick us up from school, in the middle of the day, in the middle of a school assembly, wearing those ugly pants and a (fake) nose ring. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

We spent most of the day yesterday at my parent's house. My mom picked up the kids in the morning so that Walter and I could take a nap and despite the horrible night we had with Isaac, he managed to be rather comical throughout the day. And Isabella, well, she's in a stage of defiance, which includes lots of whining, falling on the floor, and exploration--in places she shouldn't be exploring. Meaning, Jesse's make-up bag which contains things like, a Trish McEvoy "planner" (yes, apparently you buy "pages" to put in a very nice make-up "binder"), foundation from Bobbie Brown, and several kinds of lip gloss and several kinds of mascara. Need I say, Isabella took an interest in Bobbie Brown products? Mmmhmmm. Let me just commend Jesse for remaining calm, cool, and collected!

Some of Isabella's latest artwork:

Boy with a balloon

Self Portrait

The red thing on her head is a crown--duh!

Hunting for spring last week....

"Mommy, look at this pile of mud! Come walk in it! Why won't you walk in the mud, mommy?"

Man, my sister really needs to clean her room. And what's up with Ariel, her clothes must be around here somewhere.

"Mommy, just watch this dance competition. Look at ME! I'm Angelina!"

"Mommy, if you won't dance with me I'll just dance with this animal"

And I leave you with her signature move...


  1. Love it! Isabella is going to be quite the little dancer (and artist!)

  2. Just a question....Is the red thing in Isabella's self portrait a magic wand or a sword dripping with blood?