Monday, June 12, 2017

Maine Vacation Day 3

Today we made our way to Port Clyde and went back to the little beach at Owl's Head since we loved it so much. I'd wanted to go back to Rockland to see if the local art shop was open, but Isaac was done for the day and insisted we head back to the house. He's been super flexible on this trip, so we ended the day's adventure and came home to relax which was needed anyway.

Drift-in Beach--the tide was in so we only stopped for a few minutes.


COFFEE!!! We enjoyed a break and a cappuccino in Port Clyde:

 Back at Owl's Head Beach

I try not to get a tan. As you can see, my legs reflect the sun. Only cool people are proud of this.

I have to take pictures of myself so it looks like I was on this vacation, too.

Marshall Point Lighthouse

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